Honni Design | Services
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We love making stuff.

Honni Design is a creative agency based in London. We are a diverse team of designers, creative strategists, photographers, writers, videographers that work on a range of creative deliverables.


As a team of experienced designers, we can design logos. As a team of expert designers, creatives, and copywriters, we can create, reinvent, and refine your identity. Our branding process involves real market research and team interviews to inform core values, which leads to developing messaging and your tone of voice. From there, we can create a unique visual identity and make sure your true brand story is heard. This is implemented through social, digital, and offline experiences and communications.

Social media content

We love social media. Our attitude is social-led in everything we do. To help you communicate with your audience, we provide creative strategy, campaigns, ideas, as well as video production and animation to deliver regular, engaging and thoughtful social content that can surprise, delight and engage your audience in new ways. Whatever the platform, our content helps make brands more engaging and speak to their audience, building trust and loyalty.

App and website design

Mobile-first websites, apps, and landing pages are a great way for you to engage with your community. These may provide specific services to users or be used for lead generation. Our team uses the latest methods in user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI) to wireframe, prototype and design the best possible interfaces. We then work closely with trusted developer partners to bring designs into code and implement your digital strategy.

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