Honni Design | What is a Social Brand Book?
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What is a Social Brand Book?

Superbrands have brand books. Brands use their brand books in different ways, with common examples “how to use the logo” and “copy and tone of voice”. We take this concept further, starting with what the brand really is, to be able to design a book about it.

A traditional brand book sets key print and visual elements of the brand. More recently, brand books seek to communicate softer elements, moods and feelings. The social brand book is different. It starts with the customers, their voices and their conversations and shows how the brand can fit into that customer context. In many ways, a reversal of the traditional brand book format

We design social brand books. Social brand books are a physical (sometimes digital) piece of work to capture what a brand is at any moment in time. It incorporates design, tone of voice, stories, customers, products, and vision into a piece of work to show investors, partners, employees, potential employees, and often customers. Being a physical piece of work, it gives grounding and authenticity to a brand.

We have worked on several brand books in the past, with one being a Social Brand Book for Skye Drones. It captures their first product, along with their ethos, vision, brand keywords, brand design guidelines and stance on the drone industry. It captures who they are as a brand at a moment of time, and use it on their way to becoming a Superbrand.

We love making social brand books, so get in touch to talk about how we make them come to life.

The printed Skye Social Brand Book

Logos and design style is shown through designed pages.

What is a brand? Companies and products start as people with an idea, so understanding the people behind companies and products is vital to capturing a brand’s story, what it is doing in the present, and its future.